Political Map Yellow Globe Cube


The world globe you already know, updated with a yellow color that creates ambiance wherever it’s placed.


**Products are available for only pre-order due to coronavirus. Estimated ship date is currently end of June.**

We’ve taken the standard world map globe and created warmth through a diverse but vivid color palette. The landmasses pair against soft, yellow oceans and each nation is showcased through a combination of blue, green, and orange tones. It’s a sunny deviation from the conventional, while still maintaining a classic charm.

The globe appears as if it is floating in the center of the cube. No matter what way you rotate the cube, shake the cube, move the cube, the globe will always stay suspended, rotating in the middle of the cube.

  • Rotates using ambient light
  • Hidden magnets provide movement
  • No cords or batteries
  • 5″ x 5″


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