Electrical Labels in Graham, WA

Impressive Awards & Gifts works with businesses throughout Graham, WA to engrave and customized phenolic labels for their facilities. These labels are safe and nonreactive, great for safety signage and plates in areas where electrical, heat and corrosive elements are present. From serial numbers to life-saving instructions, we’ll engrave your electrical labels with the information necessary to keep your facilities running smoothly.

Phenolic Labels

Phenolic labels are made of nonreactive material, which makes them suitable for environments where metal, wood and other traditional materials aren’t applicable. Typically, these labels are used in high-heat, high-voltage, caustic environments.

We can engrave and customized phenolic labels to relay the most important information you need them to. Whether it’s the label below a junction box or a safety sign regarding chemicals in the area, we’ll provide you with a sign that states its message simply and attracts the attention of individuals to inform them.

Specialty Tags

Businesses throughout Graham, Puyallup, Sumner, and Waller, WA come to us when they need specialty tags for their facilities, engraved with specific messaging and information. From electrical labels to MSDS labels and other tags, our engraving capabilities know no bounds. Whether you’re labeling a manufacturing environment or need a few specialty tags for unique applications in your facility, we label them with vital information that’s clear and easy to read.
We can also customize electrical labels for breaker boxes, access points, lockout-tagout, machinery and more. Trust us to provide you with the signage and labels that keep your personnel safe and informed at all times.

Keep Your Facilities Safe

Make sure the most important labels and signage in your facilities are made of material that keeps them intact and inert, while keeping your people informed and safe. Contact us at Impressive Awards & Gifts today at (360) 893-4899 for more information about phenolic labels for electrical plates and other essential facility information.

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