Medals are awarded for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from military honors to corporate performance. Regardless of the reason you are awarding a medal to your friend, employee, loved one or student, you can count on Impressive Awards & Gifts to have a high-quality medal in stock that will perfectly commemorate their achievement.

In large part, medals almost always commemorate outstanding performance, whether it be on the battlefield or in the classroom. Medals often differ from trophies and other types of awards in that they delineate a very specific accomplishment or achievement.

If you are considering investing in custom medals in Graham, WA, consult with our expert staff to learn if a medal is right for you.

Types of Custom Medals

As the most comprehensive trophy store in Graham, WA, Impressive Awards & Gifts offers a wide range of medals suitable for all occasions. Here are just some of the medal types we offer:

  • Sports:
    We offer medals commemorating achievement in nearly all sporting events, including softball, cheerleading, football, basketball, golf, gymnastics, hockey, soccer, track and more.
  • Competition:
    Impressive Awards & Gifts carries first, second and third place medals that can be engraved with notes commemorating virtually any type of competition, ranging from competitive cook-outs to triathlons.
  • Education:
    We carry a slew of educationally oriented medals. We can help you and your students commemorate attendance, academic achievement, graduation, spelling, art, math, music, reading, science fair victory and more.
  • Organizational:
    Our teams also create and customize medals designed to commemorate achievement within organizations, like scouting groups and military preparedness clubs. Our medals can help your students track their achievements.

Purchase Custom Medals Today

If you’re ready to invest in custom medals for your class, troupe or team, reach out to the talented and knowledgeable staff members at Impressive Awards & Gifts today. Call us at (360) 893-4899 to learn more about the types of medals that may be right for you and your organization.

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